Squeak 'Trinket' Squeakers


A normal squirrel with a very fluffy tail, his wide beady black eyes look at everyone with either courage or curiosity but when he looks at Relik it only shows love.

Relik had made him his own little costume and given him small shivs to use.


He was just a baby squirrel when his mother was stuck in a trap in the forest near Everlund. A very jolly and merry Gnome Bard saved his mother and nursed her back to health and took care of him when he was young. He has always taken a liking to Relik when he comes around and when it was time to leave the home he decided to travel with Relik wherever he went. Getting his own little outfit and trying to learn as many tricks as Relik could teach eventually given the name of ‘Trinket’

Squeak 'Trinket' Squeakers

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